Saturday, 29 October 2011

The Queen's Meme #100 - The Centennial Meme

Mimi of The Queen's Meme has sent this in....

Welcome To The Queen's Meme #100!!!!
The Centennial Meme

We're 100 today! Happy birthday to us! In honor of all things that can be multiplied by ten, we'd like to invite you to our birthday party. Gifts and all handsome men welcome... not necessarily in that order.

Let's party!

1. Ten x Ten = 100. What thing or person or experience in your life would you like to multiply by 10? My savings or the best days in my life.

2. Today you get to go shopping with a one hundred dollar bill. What will you buy?  Nowadays not a lot, as it doesn't buy much. Come to think of it, it couldn't buy anything as it's not legal tender here in Britain.

3. How many centenarians do you know or have you ever known one? I don't think many last long around where I am!

4. Have you ever weighed 100 pounds?  A 100 pounds of what?

5. The "First One Hundred Days" is the benchmark of performance for a United States President. Tell us what you accomplished in your first one hundred days of blogging.  The biggest accomplishment was that someone actually wanted to read what I was blogging and commented.

6. What is the secret to longevity? Hey! I'm not the wise old man on top of the mountain whom people visit to find out the meaning of life!

7. You are invited to The Queen of Memes 100th Meme birthday party! We are going to play Pin The Tail On the Blog. Blindfold yourself and pick a blog that you enjoy reading and tell us about it. No need to throw darts dripping with sarcasm (I so despise mean-spirited blogs and you will end up in the dungeon - not that any of YOU would of course just sayin'.....gosh, being 100 sure made me fiesty tonight!) It's been a long day and I've seen some crazy blug-slinging lately. (That's blog+ mud +sludge for all you non-blog speakers) I digress. That's a post for another day... Just give someone the gift of recognition they deserve. There are lots of wonderful blogs out there. Who would you recommend?      I recommend 'Are We There Yet'  It's a fine blog run by my friend Linda. She travels around, takes spectacular photos and also tells us about her two daughters. Take a look.

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

The Queen's Meme #99 - The 99 Meme

Mimi of The Queen's Meme has sent this in....

Today I thought I'd give you 99 questions to answer in honor of the 99th meme. Just kidding! Instead, I'll give you 7 questions that just seem like 99.
Here we go.

Surprisingly, it's called The 99 Meme

1. Let's take that famously irritating song, Ninety-Nine Bottles of Beer on The Wall. Tell me....What would you substitute for those bottles of beer? Your song would be "Ninety-nines bricks of sand and cement on the Wall."
Fill in the blanks.

2: Let's go to the 99 cents store. What do you think should be made available for 99 cents at the 99 cents store?  a 99 cent coin

3. The great world of Wikipedia tells me that scientists claim 99% of all documented species are extinct. Which remaining species in the 1% category would you really like to see extinct. And which species in the 99% category would you like to bring back? An intelligent sports commentator

4. Why is merchandise always priced as 1.99 or 20.99 or 50,287.99? Do they think we're stupid?  Simply....yes.

5. If you live to be 99 years old, what would you like your life to be like in that last decade? Surrounded by ample female nurses looking after me.

6. Tumblr has a new blog called "We Are The 99%" brought to you by "the people who occupy Wall Street." Everyday people are writing notes on paper about their experiences and living conditions right now. Can you identify with the 99% on this page? I'm probably the 1%

7. I think armpits should get more respect than this. According to the advice of medical personnel: If your child's temperature is more than 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit measured rectally, or more than 100 degrees Fahrenheit measured in the mouth, or more than 99 degrees Fahrenheit measured in the armpit (for 4-5 minutes), he or she has fever.
Why do you think armpits are so slow to register heat? Armpits are more external than the rectum!

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

The Queen's Meme #97 - The Picture Caption Meme

Mimi of The Queen's Meme has sent this in....

It's simple. Provide a caption for the pictures below or write a commentary.

I hope your imaginations are running amok tonight! These are rather interesting depictions. Good luck!

1: "This is my party trick."

2: "Has the Doberman from no.46 gone away yet?"

3:"These nature programmes are SO boring!"

4: "I said I wanted the parting on the left!"

5: "That's the last time I wear a hat made of bread."

6: "Ignore him, he's already been fed today. He just puts on the soulful eyes and wants more."

7: "Allright, is everyone listening? Lesson Four: How to bury your bone."

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

The Queen's Meme #97 - The Games Meme

Mimi of The Queen's Meme has sent this in....

People play games. Children play games. Sometimes adults acting like children play games. Facebook people play games. All God's chillun play games. What kind of games do YOU play?

The Games Meme

1. What was your favorite outside game as a child?  Graze my knee

2. What is your board game of choice? those hotels on Park Lane!

3.What are your favorite apps or games on Facebook?  Definitely Bejeweled Blitz...I'm an addict!

4. If you could design a game about your life, what would you call it?  Office Wars

5. Have you ever tried billiards?  No...way to complicated!

6. Are you a card player? Gambler? Rook player? Go Fish? Do tell. I like to keep my money in the best wallet.

7. Do you prefer the summer or winter sports games?  You mean while watching in my armchair?

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

The Queen's Meme #95 - The Falling Into Fall Meme

Mimi of The Queen's Meme has sent this in....

Fall is my favorite time of year. I can think of many wonderful things that just happen to have happened to me in the fall. The birth of my son, the beginning of semesters, new fall clothes, Dona Nobis Pacem in the blogosphere began in the fall..... The season also brings memories of grief and transition. I lost my dad in the fall of 2009. When the air turns to crisp and cool, I think of those last days with him. What does fall remind you of?

1. What is your favorite fall memory?  I forgot!

2. Have you ever fallen in love in the fall?   A girl and I started goiung out in the fall...till we fell out of love!

3. Do you like the current Daylight Savings System when we all "fall back" the clock.  The clock should stay the same all year round!

4. Tell us a thing or two you've done by a crackling fire? **we won't tell**   Coughed with the smoke coming out!

5. Have you ever been apple picking?   In the supermarket?

6. Do you like to take a walk and play in the fall leaves?  I used to when I was young...come to thing of it I was younger ten mintes ago.

7. Do you and your family have a special fall tradition in your house?  Yes...sweeping up all the &^*% leaves!

Monday, 12 September 2011

The Queen's Meme #94 - The Love Match Meme

Mimi of The Queen's Meme has sent this in....

Welcome to The Queen's Meme #93
7 Royal Questions on Tuesday

This week has been wide open. In case you haven't noticed, I tend to meme-blog about those things that are concerning me at the moment. Or making me laugh. Or driving me crazy.
I can't get my mind off a conversation I had with a new guy possible love match maybe kinda sorta we'll see acquaintance this week.
He's conservative. But edgy. Liberal with his opinions. But not haphazardly. Tall. A littttttle younger (I said a "little!") and downright challenging. But in a good way.

The Love Match Meme

1. Which is more important.... romantic chemistry or friendship? Friendship is just for friends. Having a good wife depends on both.

2. Would you date someone who is much taller or shorter than you? I'd bring a cardboard box along for me or her to use when kissing.
How about older or younger? Judging how old I am, an older one would have to have billions!

3. How soon should you bring up past relationships in a new relationship? Not while slipping the ring on her finger.

4. What is the one red flag you KNOW from past experience to pay attention to when getting to know a new person?  "Excuse me, I've got to get back to the sanatorium."

5. When dating someone, what would you consider the ultimate deal breaker? Footsie under the table?

6. Tell us about a date you had with someone that went all wrong. She turned up.

7. Imagine you have a teenage daughter. She just asked you to give your best dating and relationship advice. What will you say?  You're grounded until you are 25.

Monday, 5 September 2011

The Queen's Meme #93 - The Strange Stupid Meme

Mimi of The Queen's Meme has sent this in....

Welcome to The Queen's Meme #93
7 Royal Questions on Tuesday

Is it just me or is the world getting stranger by the minute? Every time I turn on the news there is some stupidity amongst humans and all living mammals, reptiles, and aliens to report. Do we walk among the insane or do they walk with us? Did you get that? Think about it.....
Answer these questions based on weirdness, unfairness and just plain stupid circumstances. Apparently, stupid is as stupid does. Or is it?

The Strange Stupid Meme

1. According to a news report, Medicare in the US stops plans to stop paying for preventable health problems or complications caused by hospital mistakes, including operations on the wrong person or wrong body part. These mistakes are called "never events." What would you call them?  Sever Events

2. It is the policy of some TV news broadcasters to show automobile wreckage photos as soon as they can possibly get to the scene of the accident. Sometimes the family has not been notified. They get away with it by "not releasing names." How do you feel about this? Whack the photographer over the head and not releasing the name of the person who did it.

3. Did you know that some car dealership service departments charge extra for "shop supplies"? This includes the ever expensive shop rag (retail 99 cents) which can be billed for 10x that much.

Have you ever been ripped off by a car mechanic?  Does the sun come up in the morning?

4. In some states, including California, Alaska, Florida and Hawaii, a motorist can be cited for driving too slowly. What would make you drive under the speed limit for a long period of time?  If there was a female pedestrian wearing a bikini or a very short skirt. 

5. In Arkansas the law states: No person shall drive a motor vehicle onto the premises of a drive-in restaurant and leave the premises without parking such motor vehicle, unless there is no unoccupied parking space available on the premises.
Explain this to me. Please.  Err...well....don't drive in a drive in and drive out.

6. But in Indiana, a horse cannot be ridden or driven on the street in excess of 10 miles per hour.
Do you drive a fast horse? If I prod him with a pointed stick.

7. And in the great city of Youngstown, Ohio, you must keep your rats under control.
Do you find this to be a problem in your life?  Only with the human ones.

Tuesday, 30 August 2011

The Queen's Meme # 92 The Happy Hokey Pokey Meme

Mimi of The Queen's Meme has sent this in....

Welcome to The Queen's Meme
7 Royal Questions on Tuesday

Sometimes strange and silly questions run through my pencil brain. Don't try to look for connections. There are none. Just have fun answering a non-serious set of 7 royal questions. **We would really appreciate a photograph as evidence for question #6**

1. Who should run for United States President in 2012?  Anyone except the one in office.

2. Have you ever gone to a party and snooped in the medicine cabinet?  No....but it's a great idea. Thanks for suggesting it. If I'm caught, I'll blame you.

3. Why are Happy Meals happy?  The staff are happy because of the high cost of the low quality food.

4. Have you ever done the Hokey Pokey?  It's the Hokey Cokey where I am. I tend to be putting my left one in when I should be shaking it all about.

5. What song sticks in your head and drives you crazy? I hate the song Everybody Wants To Rule The World by Tears For Fears. I switch the radio off when it comes on.

6. Do you dance like crazy around the house when no one is looking? I might do a little air guitar if a catchy song comes on.

7. Have you ever been involved in a food fight?  Only with the Maitre D' when he wouldn't give us First Sitting on a cruise.

Monday, 22 August 2011

Mimi of The Queen's Meme has sent this in....

Welcome to The Queen's Meme
7 Royal Questions on Tuesday

Questions you say? Today we shall ask questions about..well....questions. I shall pose a question. Your answer must be a question.
Behold your brain-twisting activity for the day.

If you could ask one question of the following .....what would your question be?

1. Your iPod   Why have I never bought an iPod?

2. Casey Anthony Why was the Casey Anthony trial not even reported in Britain?

3. Your ex's last ex  Do you know now why she's my ex?

4. Your pet   Can't do this pet!

5. John Lennon     What's your favourite Paul McCartney song?

6. Your great-grandmother on your father's side  Just who are you?

7. Your mirror    Do you realise how lucky you are to reflect me?

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

The Queen's Meme #90 - Mimi's Old Memes Meme

Mimi of The Queen's Meme has sent this in....

The first meme I ever did was The Book Meme in October 2006, tossed from the Philippines by a blogger named Lizza who turned out to be one of my best online girlfriends ever, even after all these blog years. She received it from a guy in England who talked about his underpants. Eventually I was crowned Mimi Queen of Memes by a man who wore underwear on his head.
But I digress.

The first meme I ever created was The Peace Meme. I asked people to tag 5 other people and we were on a roll. So to speak. Tagging is not so much an internet sport anymore but it sure was back in the baby days of blogging. Then I did the 9 Weird Things Meme in which I attempted to list 9 weird facts about myself. I thought it was scandalous but most people did not think I was weird enough. #1 was "I hate clocks." See? Not weird at all. Boy, have memes come a long way since!

**I know. You're wondering...will she ever get to the point?**
Well, the point is that since I've been revamping my blog, re-labeling, revising, editing photographs and sending some to the dump heap, I came across a gold mine of memes unheard of for years! Back then we listed things a lot. Tell me 3 Things You Did Today, 4 Things You Ate For Breakfast, 5 Things You Want To Say To Your Mother-In-Law etc. After a whole bunch of friendly tagging and whatnot in 2006, finally in January 2007 along came a question meme. I was tagged by Duchess Linda Upon The Thames (who wasn't a Duchess yet), Princess Sanni from Germany and Gemmolina who wrote a blog nobody could pronounce - all at the same time. So I named it "Triple Tagged and Slapped Silly." It was called the Silly Questions Meme.
I've taken one question from each of the first 7question memes I ever did and put them into this meme.

Mimi's Old Memes Meme
1. When you looked at yourself in the mirror today, what was the first thing you thought? (from The Silly Questions Meme)  Surely that's the wrong person?
2. Name something about humanity you absolutely hate. (from The Monday Melee Meme) That's too long a question. I'd be here all day and night.
3. What was the first lie your mother ever told you? (from Ten Lies My Mother Told Me meme) This won't hurt a bit.
4. Name one thing you should never say around a Ouija Board. (from The Ten Things You Should Never Say Around a Ouija Board meme - from Frank @ Honk'n'Hollr) Where did you bury the money you robbed from the bank?
5. What kind of soap is in your bathtub right now? (from the I Think I Caught Something Meme) Stuff that makes you cleaner. soap.
6. If a doctor told you today that you were pregnant, what would you say? (The Honesty Meme) Now THAT'S a newspaper headline!
7. Are you in a complicated love situation? (from The Don't Call Me, I'll Call You Meme) Only if not being in one is complicated.

Monday, 8 August 2011

The Queen's Meme #89 - The random Meme

Welcome to The Queen's Meme
7 Royal Questions on Tuesday

The Random Meme is well...random. Haphazard. No synchronicity. No rhyme or reason. I'm allowed once in awhile to be random. So I looked deep into the recesses of a tired pencil brain today and wrote down the first thing that popped into my head. That's a dangerous proposition.
I hope you enjoy this totally random meme.

1. What is your favorite summertime flower?  I think it was 1976...and don't call me flower!

2. Are you behind on your blog?  No, but I will be if I keep answering these.

3. What has irritated you the most recently? Stupid questions. Last week, my dad had a new car. People were coming up and saying "Have you had a new car?". I would have loved to have replied, "No I hotwired it from the car park."

4. What was your last Facebook status post?  I need a new tooth implant.

5. When is the last time you laughed?  I'm trying to think which year that was....

6. What can absolutely ruin your day?  Getting up thinking it's a weekend, then suddenly remembering it's Monday.

7. What is the one thing that always brightens your day? Thinking it's a weekday, then remembering it's a weekend!

Tuesday, 2 August 2011

The Queen's Meme #88 - The Phobia Meme

Mimi of The Queen's Meme has sent this in....

Welcome to the Queen's Meme. I am happy to be back amongst the memesters! I've made up a brand new meme for your memeing entertainment. Let's talk about fears today. A phobia is an irrational fear of something and is classified as an anxiety disorder. Do you know that millions of people are deathly afraid of bugs? That's called entomophobia: a fear of insects. It's a virtual epidemic! I personally have 3 phobias at the moment that I can think of. Motophobia (I'm working on that one), murophobia (fear of rodents) and forgetfulphobia (fear of...of....sorry, I forgot)
I trust you to be honest and not look in the dictionary for the correct answers until after you've completed your assignment meme. Do I have your word of honor? (The correct answers will magically appear on my blog tomorrow)

The Phobia Meme

Why did I stop at 12? Because I'm afraid of the number 13.
That's triskaidekaphobia for all you non-phobia speakers.

Identify these six common (and uncommon) phobias. You can answer rightly if you know the correct answer or spoof them all! Define the following phobias.

1. What is mysophia? Some are going to be blind guesses, some educated guesses. This one....fear of being single.

2. Ailurophobia.....fear of getting injured?

3. Technophobia....easy, this one...fear of technology, like computers.

4. Novercaphobia.....possibly injections

5. Dipsophobia.....making the wrong dip in a dance?

6. Gymnophobia...possibly gymnastics or then again horses (as in gymknana)

7. Hippophobia...surely not hippos?

8. ought to be fear of long words!

9. Lachanophobia....fear of lacking to understand

10. Uranophobia.....I dread to think...surely not what I think it is?

11. Levophobia.....fear of levitation!

12. Make up your own phobia word and explain what you are afraid of.

      Memeophobia....coming across a series of questions on a website and having to answer them!

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

The Queen's Meme #87 - The Crazy Medical Meme

Mimi of The Queen's Meme has sent this in....

Welcome to The Queen's Meme
7 Royal Questions on Tuesday
(I'm prolific today. There are 9 questions.)

It's time for your annual check up! I always say "knowledge is power" when entering the stressful confines of a doctor's office. I take a pen and paper, armed with questions and a medical encyclopedia at my disposal. My doctor is not amused. Let's see how well you do on the medical exam I have prepared for you.

The Crazy Medical Meme

1. The smallest bone in the human body is about the size of a grain of rice. What is it? The human brain? No, I thiuk it's one of the ear muscles.

2. How fast is a sneeze? Twice as fast as anyone has to get out of the way.

3. What percentage of the human body is water?  Just over 70%. We're damp squibs!

4. True or False: A human's thumb is as long as his or her nose. True, except in Pinoccheo's case.

5. What should you do if you are bitten by a snake? Panic.

6. It is a fact that humans get an entirely new skeleton every 12 years. What do we get every six years? I know about the seven year itch. Is it skin?

7. Happiness is directly related to the size of your _________________. Let's leave that blank. It's better that way.

8. If there are 9,000 taste buds on your tongue, how many hairs are on your head right now? If I can count them, not many.

9. I believe that the size of the needle is directly related to the mood of the nurse. However, sometimes it's necessary to get shots. If you could be vaccinated against anything in the world, what would it be? Nurses in a bad mood.

Saturday, 11 June 2011

GDIF Friday

Friday, June 10, 2011
G.D.I.F. (God damn it's Friday)

1) Many people who work a Monday through Friday job say T.G.I.F. (Thank God it's Friday). In my industry, Friday is the worst day of the week, so we say G.D.I.F. (God damn it's Friday). What is your worst day of the week?  Monday....the start of the working week. What a dopey question!

2) If you have a male dog and took it to a male veterinarian and the dog tried to kiss the vet, if the vet suddenly said "Woah! I don't swing that way. I don't kiss male dogs," would it send up a red flag to you that maybe your vet was having a little too much fun with female dogs or would you just think it's a bad joke? (This really happened to a person I know)    I'd ask the secretary if the vet had been fixed.

3) If you have a car, what is hanging from your rear view mirror? If you don't have one, what would you like to have hanging in a car?  The person who drives within an inch of the back on a busy highway.

4) I absolutely hate hummus. I can't stand it's baby poopish texture. I don't understand why people like eating it. Is there a type of food that you can't stand that everyone else around you seems to love? Any Indian food. The smell is abominable.

5) Pretend you're eating a Tex-Mex grill type restaurant where you can totally customize your items (think Chipotle, Qdoba, Freebirds World Burrito, Moe's Southwest Grill, etc.) and you're ordering a burrito. What fillings/toppings do you ask for? Cold water, I think!

6) Does it bother you when people bring their puppies/little dogs into grocery stores in those dog purses? It does if they have to open them to get their money out!

7) Has anyone ever un-friended you on Facebook (or another social network) for a really stupid reason? I ask because my minister's wife decided to un-friend me recently because I jokingly created an image of my name spelled in penis drawings. (It's a font called Cocksure). I unbfriend those who don't interact, or those who are not the ones I thought they were. You would be gone for sure!

8) What is your toothpaste personality type? Squashed, with all life out of it.

9) What is your favorite thing to do on your "lazy days?" Singer Bruno Mars apparently likes to dance around with men wearing monkey masks (click here to see what I mean) I don't do that! Sitting on my La-Z-Boy watching a favourite DVD tops it.

10) What is your absolute favorite thing to take pictures of? We all know what U.S. Congressman Anthony Weiner loves to take photos of, but with a last name of Weiner, what did everyone expect?  People are the most interesting thing. Landscapes are staid, but people are interesting, especially when caught unawares and are not posed.

Monday, 6 June 2011

The Queen's Meme #86 - The Cell Phone Meme

Mimi of The Queen's Meme has sent this in....

Welcome to The Queen's Meme
7 Royal Questions on Tuesday

Ring Ring! Viiiibbbbbbbrrrrraaattte. Buzzzzzz Buzzzzz
It's Mimi on the line. Electronic gadgets have taken over our lives it seems. I can't go anywhere without seeing someone talking on a cellular phone or fixated on one of the newest toys. Doesn't it annoy you? On the other hand, how did we ever get along without them?
Call or text 1-800-Bloggingham. We'll chat!

#86 The Cell Phone Meme

1. How important is a cell phone in UR life? This is the easiest meme EVER. I don't have a cell phone. Yes, you read that correctly, I DON'T HAVE a cell phone.

2. R U addicted to UR cell phone? See Answer to Question 1

3. R U a texter, an emailer, or a photo sender?    See above.

4. In the normal course of a day, about how many times do U touch UR cell phone? Is anyone reading my answers?

5. R U guilty of distracted driving? I don't drive either!

6. What is the 1 app never invented that needs to be made for UR cell phone? A decent one

7. What annoys U the most about cell phones these days?  The way people use them all the time, as if they are surgically attached to their ears.

Monday, 30 May 2011

The Queen's Meme #85 - The Memory Meme

Mimi of The Queen's Meme has sent this in....

Welcome to The Queen's Meme
7 Royal Questions on Tuesday

Since it's Memorial Day in the states, I thought we'd talk about memories today. It is fitting. We all have them. Sometimes they disturb us, oftentimes they make us smile. What kind of memories do you have? And will you share them with us?

The Queen's Meme #85
The Memory Meme

1. Are you someone who keeps memory boxes and makes scrapbooks? Oh yes, I make sure I have messages flashing up on my computer telling me to do things. I don't need one when it's time to go home at the office, though.

2. What is your most disturbing memory? Not remembering to do something vital.

3. What is the one thing you will always remember about your childhood? Waiting to grow up...what a waste THAT was!

4. When you drive down memory lane for the last five years of your life, is it a happy journey or a bumpy ride? Usually I get a diversion sign telling me to take another route.

5. What is the last thing you memorized? Remember to do Mimi's meme.

6. Tell us about a dream you remember.  Is this a family meme?

7. On this Memorial Day is there someone you'd like to honor and remember? We don't have Memorial Day here in Britain, but we do have Whitsun, in which it rains all day.

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

The Queen's Meme #84 - The Workaday Meme

Mimi of The Queen's Meme has sent this in....

Welcome to The Queen's Meme
7 Royal Questions on Tuesday

Let's talk that 4-letter work today: W.O.R.K.
We all have to make a living one way or another. It's a necessary part of life. Sometimes it's good to evaluate where we are and what we want. We spend too much time each day "on the job" to be unhappy. I did a little soul searching today. Join me.

1. Are you in a job/career you always wanted? No, no, no, no, no, no, no....did you get the gist?

2. Do you find you workaday world fulfilling and rewarding? What? See above!!!!

3. If you could change jobs, what would you do? Be the toy tester in a toy company

4. What about your job irritates you the most?  Errr...have you got an hour or two to spare?

5. Would you rather have a high pressure meaningful career or a mindless clock-punching job? With a high pressure job I would probly have been dead at 40, with the other I might have wished I was!

6. I believe in the concept of "paying myself first" as in tucking away dollars for emergencies and vacations. If you started a special savings plan and could save a certain amount each week to do something only for yourself, what would that be? The 'don't tell the government anti-tax Swiss bank account.'

7. What do you think is the hardest paying job on earth? In the time of Henry VIII it was the Royal bottom cleaner.

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

The Queen's Meme #83 - The Weekend Meme

Mimi of The Queen's Meme has sent this in....

Welcome to The Queen's Meme!
7 Royal Questions on Tuesday

Let's talk weekend this week. They seem to go by waaaay too fast these days. I could use a longer break. Wouldn't it be wonderful if the entire world suddenly went to a 4-day work week? I'd vote for that candidate. Do you live for the weekend? Take a moment to answer my nosy meme questions.

1. What is your favorite weekend activity? I'm doing it right now. Any clues? No, that that, it's being on the computer.
2. How does the weather affect your weekend plans? Does it matter? If I'm in the house, and the roof doesn't leak, then not a lot.

3. When does your weekend start and when does it end? Does it HAVE to have a start and end? Let's keep it on all the time!

4. Can you recommend a good weekend getaway place? An FBI safe house?

5. Do you spend weekends alone or with other people?  Yes

6. What would your fantasy weekend look like?  Well it wouldn't end for one thing, and as for the ladies that wouldf be featured,...I'll leave it there!

7. Do you have any special weekend rituals? Staying in bed, listening to the rado, eating in bed...what could be better?

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

The Queen's Meme #82 - The Wheel Of Fortune Meme

Mimi of The Queen's Meme has sent this in....

Welcome To The Queen's Meme
7 Royal Questions on Tuesday
The Wheel of Fortune Meme #82

You are a contestant on the game show Wheel of Fortune.
Take a spin. Buy a vowel. Shout out a consonant. Solve the puzzle!
Play it straight or spoof it. The puzzles and questions are all about blogging. But first!
Introduce yourself to the studio audience.

"Hello Pat! My name is Jean Luc Picard I'm from the 24th century and I work as a starship captain.  I have Will Riker, lovely Bev Crusher and the wonderful Deanna Troi  in the audience with me today."

Let's begin with a Toss Up for $2,000.....

1. Place for links:SIDEBAR     (I've never seen this show as I'm in Britain)

Wildcard Question: How long has Vanna White been on the show?  As many years as her IQ is

2. To keep you out of Bankruptcy: PAY PER POST

3. Where the blog title goes: HEADER

4. lost a turn. Name at least one thing you need to do on your blog while you're waiting for the big wheel to come back around again. Remove 'The Queen's Meme' from my list

5. What I love my readers to do: COMMENT!

6. Where the old stuff goes:ARCHIVE

7. You are the highest scoring contestant and get to play the bonus round.
Final spin for the $35,000 cash prize:
Just like the real game, use the letters RSTLN and E, three more consonants, and a vowel to say anything you'd like about blogging.

It looks like I'm not going to get the money!

Good luck!

Tuesday, 3 May 2011

The Queen's Meme #81 - The Elevator Meme

Mimi of The Queen's Meme has sent this in....

Welcome to The Queen's Meme
7 Royal Questions on Tuesday

This week we are going on a very short trip inside a very small space. In fact, we are going to make several stops along the way. Ding! Step inside the elevator. You will visit seven floors. Be prepared to face the question and/or situation when the door opens on...
The Elevator Meme
Going UP!
Oh, one more thing. You must answer the questions in the order given. The reason will become clear on the last question.
Psst! I hope none of you are claustrophobic.

1st Floor: When the door opens you are faced with a crowd of people staring at you wiggling and jiggling around trying to make room for you to fit inside with them. But you must have the elevator all to yourself to finish this meme (by order of The Queen!)
Make up a story that will make them all leave. "I'm not feeling to well. I think I'm going to throw up."

2nd. Floor: Now that you are alone and laughing at your lying wicked ways, choose your elevator ambiance and music. What does your Party Elevator look like? I put on Thin Lizzy's Whisky In The Jar and start with my air guitar.

3rd Floor: You decide to push the CLOSE button repeatedly because you want more time inside to yourself and's fun (!) and you're in charge of your Elevator Universe. Finally, you realize you must open the door. You are faced with a pregnant woman about to give birth and a very angry man pushing her wheelchair. Do you let them on or do you shut the door and leave them stranded once again?   I tell them the song hasn't ended yet and shut the door.

4th Floor: An obviously wealthy woman shares your space to the next floor. She is rude, condescending and reeks of expensive perfume. Her over-sized wide brimmed hat keeps smacking you in the face. As she steps out, a $100 bill accidentally falls from her purse. Do you keep it or do you return it? I give her the $100 back and tell her to buy a beret.

5th Floor: Ding! Oh joy! In steps the last person who broke your heart or someone you seriously dislike. The elevator gets stuck for 30 minutes. It is going to be a very long ride. What do you say or do? I look in my bag to see if I can find the poison pill I have, either to use on the person or me if that won't work.

6th Floor: No one gets on the elevator. You are alone again. You decide to make a prank phone call to one person. Why not? No one can see or hear you. Who do you call and what do you say? I phone the FBI and tell them I'm the President, and I am firing their boss.

7th Floor: Just before you arrive on the 7th floor you notice that there is a hidden camera on the elevator that has been videotaping your every word and deed since the 1st floor lie began. The door opens and there stands a police officer. Which one of the people in the previous questions do you stop and pick up on your way back down who would vouch for your good character? (You may not go back and change your answers to any of the questions. Whatever you did, you're stuck. So to speak.)   Errr....hopefully the wealthy woman whom I gave the $100 back to might, but I think I'm bound for the police station!

Tuesday, 26 April 2011

The Queen's Meme #80 - The Royal Wedding Pain Meme

Mimi of The Queen's Meme has sent this in....

Welcome to The Queen's Meme
7 Royal Questions on Tuesday
#80 The Royal Wedding Pain Meme

I am grumpy because I've not received an invitation from Prince William and Kate Middleton to attend their upcoming nuptials in London. I'm sure it's been lost in the mail but that doesn't ease my anxiety. If it doesn't arrive soon I'll be forced to crash the event and that would be most undignified indeed - even for me! And since I'm being a royal pain in the patootie today, you may replace any of the questions you don't like with a new question. Just humor me.

1. If you received an invitation to the Royal Wedding, who would you take with you and why? Someone who had a doubled-barrelled name. Only they get in the door.

2. If the Prince and his fiancee had a blog, what would the title be? Waity Katy & Wiils

3. Are you going to watch The Royal Wedding between Prince William and Catherine "Kate" Middleton this week? Not from beginning to end, but I'll be dropping in like an uninvited guest.

4. Imagine you only have $5.00 and you must buy a wedding gift for them. What would you buy? One of the atrocious souveniers that are on offer.

5. What day-to-day marital advice would you give the couple? Think of all your relatives, and dom't do what they did.
Prince William seen here with his father, Prince Charles, as William is installed as a Knight of The Garter.
What other woman can say she has a man with those credentials, huh?

6. You have been employed as the caterer for the reception at Buckingham Palace.
What are you serving? A finger buffet with hot dogs

7. This is the Royal Wedding Route from Buckingham Palace to Westminster Abbey. What location is missing? You must add a location along the way that you feel is a must stop for the couple before they get married.  The local pub and the pharmacy.

I'll see you there!
I hope.

Monday, 18 April 2011

The Queen's Meme #79 - The Give And Take Meme

Mimi of The Queen's Meme has sent this in....

Welcome to the Queen's Meme
7 Royal Questions on Tuesday
#79 The Give and Take Meme

We've all been givers. We've all been takers. Is it better to give than to receive? Hmmm.....always a question up for debate. Depends on the circumstance I suppose. Who wrote that line anyway? Quite possibly the person who didn't get what he gave. Or maybe a selfless soul full of true righteousness. Maya Angelou wrote that "giving liberates the soul of the giver." I would tend to agree. Another favorite quote of mine on the subject is by Khalil Gibran: "Generosity is giving more than you can, and pride is taking less than you need."
What are our motivations for giving? And what, pray ye, will ye take? That is my question.
Why am I suddenly speaking Quakerish?
I'd better get on with this meme.

1. IS it better to give than to receive? It depends who or what is being given. If someone is being given the sack (that is being fired), it is not something we are keen on receiving.

2. Can you name a special or unique gift you've received? What made it special to you? Some gifts I get are completely useless, which gives me the idea that they never really thought at all. By far the best gifts are those that are perfectly suited for me, as I know the givers have thought first.

3. What does it mean to "give of yourself?" That means to give something only you have. I'm not too keen if it's a blood sample I'm giving!

4. Tell us something you once took that you wish you could give back. I can take the time to say the wrong thing. I'd like to give back that time.

5. Have you ever been robbed of something that changed the course of your life? That can be material goods or people themselves. Anything like that is going to alter destiny.

6. If you could give one thing to the people that you love most and give it in abundance, what would it be? I try and give as much friendship and consideration as possible, and hope it reciprocates.

7. When is the last time you GAVE yourself a good talking to? I can't remember, I had my fingers in my ears.

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

The Queen's Meme #78 - The Spring Done Spung Meme

Mimi of The Queen's Meme has sent this in....

Welcome to The Queen's Meme #78
7 Royal Questions on Tuesday

Today we are discussing the wonders of Spring. But it's not all about blooming flowers and Easter cards this time. Just a simple play on words with a twisted smack of alliteration and snark thrown in. You know, the usual. Now do me a favor and add your smack to the smack.

1. What about spring ticks you off the most? All those healthy weeds growing!

2. How many blooming idiots have you met lately? The same blooming idiots I have met throughout winter at the office.

3. If spring springs early when you're in the middle of a spring fling, does that mean you must flung 'em out of your life early or can it wait until summer comes? If I'm in the middle of a fling, I hardly stop to think what time of year it is.

4. If you could toss one thing or person out the window during your annual spring cleaning, who would it be? The mop.

5. Do you have seasonal defective disorder? No, I have daily defective disorder.

6. If you left the windows open on a cool spring night, what would the neighbors see? It depends whether they have their binoculars with them, or if they are standing on a chair.

7. Name your most potent allergens during this season of (achoo!) bliss. Work.

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

The Queen's Meme #77 - Thje Grocery Meme

Mimi of The Queen's Meme has sent this in....

Welcome to The Queen's Meme #77
Seven Royal Questions on Tuesdays
The Grocery Store Meme

The last time I went grocery shopping I came home with way too much chocolate. It wasn't supposed to be that way. I went for mangoes. But the chocolate kept calling my name.

1. Do you make a list when you go grocery shopping? My dad makes the list, I pick all the extras we ought to have!

2. Do you buy more groceries when you're hungry? Buying groceries depends on the amount in your wallet, not your stomach.

3. Coupons. Use 'em? No, people might think we are poor!

4. Have you ever complained to the manager of your grocery store? We're British. We never make a scene.

5. Do you like to buy groceries at huge chain stores like WalMart? Or do you shop exclusively at food stores? I don't like the big stores, but for saving money, variety etc, we have to dance with the devil.

6. How much time do you spend reading labels in the grocery store? It's only the 'sell by' label I'm interested in.

7. Do you push your own grocery cart to the car and return it? The trolley goesw to a nearby trolley park. If we took it right back, we'd be doing the trolley mover out of a job.

8. What is the one food item you always buy at the grocery store that you can't live without? Cheese! I love it!!!

Monday, 28 March 2011

The Queen's Meme #76 -The Prissy Meme

Mimi of The Queen's Meme has sent this in....

Welcome to The Queen's Meme #76
7 Royal Questions on Tuesday

The Prissy Meme

Many things have been said about me. Some are true. Some are lies. Some are fair. Some are sinister. But there is one indisputable not-so-secret secret about Yours Truly. I love being a girl.
That is a fact.

I know what you're thinking, guys. You can't possibly do a prissy meme even on threat of dungeon duty. Not to fear. And quite frankly, unless you're a metrosexual and want to talk about yourself, you can still answer this meme about the females in your life. So let's powder up and get on with the makeover.
(**warning** I couldn't stop at 7 questions this week)

1. What is your favorite lipstick color and why?  I must admit that I haven't bought a lot of lipstick, although dark red on a woman looks great.

2. How long does it take you to get ready to go to work in the morning? If the alarm fails to go off...very quickly!

3. Do you have your nails professionally done? Mani? Pedi? Scissor.

4. Tell us about your latest spa experience - real or imagined. The beautiful blonde 20 year old was a gorgeous woman. I lay on the table as she put her fingers on my shoulders.....sadly this was imagined!

5. Is there something you'd like to change about your appearance? Would you ever have cosmetic surgery? I would be here all day typing that!

6. How do you take care of your skin? I keep it covering my body.

7. Tell us your secrets for vibrant, shiny, healthy-looking hair. It's a secret toi me as well.

8. What is your favorite fragrance? What's that?

9. Everyone has a certain color they love to wear. What is yours? Right now it's greying!

10. Do you have ink? How else does my pen work?

11. How would you describe your personal style? This is me like it or lump it!

Monday, 21 March 2011

The Queen's Meme #75 - The Mimi Moon Meme

Mimi of The Queen's Meme has sent this in....

Welcome to The Queen's Meme
7 Royal Questions on Tuesday
#75 The Mimi Moon Meme

The SuperMoon graced the Universe Saturday evening! Since it was a much publicized worldwide event, I thought that we as global blogging citizens should share in the telling from our respective corners of the world. And if you didn't happen out this weekend to have some lunar fun, play along anyway. I'm sure I can think of SOMEthing to ask of relevance. And besides, the lunar phase has made me antsy to do a little dungeon throwing. I haven't in a long time.
Can you moon the walk or just talk the talk?

Do your best, my friends.
Do your best.
Your future depends on it.
There's a bad moon rising.

1. Did you take a picture of the moon SuperMoon Saturday evening?
If so, please post it. If not, steal one and post it. Do you think I'm a technological wizard?

2. Have you ever howled at the moon? Of course not. I'm a vampire, not a werewolf.

3. Do you believe that feelings and emotions are affected by the changes in lunar phases? (ie: children misbehave, lovers misbehave, tempers fly) No, tthey do them all year long.

4. In the language of astronomy, the two extremes of the moon are called ''apogee'' (far away) and ''perige" (nearby). Who or what would you like to be apogee and who/what perige?
(Crikey! I can now talk moon talk!) ex boss....perige...a certain lady who I fancy a lot.

5. Name a famous moon walker.  Sting & The Police (Walking On The Moon)

6. Scientists claim there is no relation whatsoever between a Supermoon and natural disasters. Yet we have experienced tsunamis and earthquakes in the last 7 days on Earth. Do you believe them?

7. Creedence Clearwater Revival sang about the evil of the moon.
Is there a Bad Moon Rising in your life?  Now you've got me humming it...I can't think straight...I'll be humming Proud Mary next.

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Thje Queen's Meme #74 - The Disaster Meme

Mimi of The Queen's Meme has sent this in....

Welcome to The Queen's Meme #74
7 Royal Questions on Tuesday

Have you ever wondered how ready you would be if disaster struck your home or your town? Are you prepared for it? The horrific events in Japan this week and my own mini-disaster at home (of little consequence in comparison) caused me to start thinking about maintaining my Emergency Kit. I actually made one after 9-11 for Bloggingham and made kits for my parents and members of my family. Let's see how ready you are. Here's a link to The US Department of Homeland Security FEMA just in case you need it.

According to FEMA: A disaster supplies kit is a collection of basic items that members of a household may need in the event of a disaster.

1. How many days worth of food, water and supplies do you need in your Emergency Kit? As much as I can steal from next door

2. You should prepare supplies for home, work, a vehicle.
What item do you need in your car that is not needed at home? A map? A steering wheel? Tyres?

3. If you are evacuated from your workplace.
You grab your "grab and go" bag. What is in it? All the stuff that would help mme survive at the office.

4. How many gallons of water should each person in your household need for 3 days? If next door has a water butt, we should be all right.

5. Tell us your favorite non-perishable food items. Why? So you know where to get it?

6. How much cash are you going to hide in your emergency disaster kit? All of it!

7. Do you have a basic emergency plan developed for you and your family? Have you written it down, practiced and discussed it? Does everyone know where the emergency supplies are? We are only prepared for a zombie invasion

Tuesday, 8 March 2011

The Queen's Meme #73 - The Green Meme

Mimi of The Queen's Meme has sent this in....

Welcome to The Queen's Meme #73
7 Royal Questions on Tuesday

We will attempt to "go green" here on the Queen's Meme blog today. Even I'm green. Even Mr. Linky is green! (don't tell him) I am woefully ashamed of my non-green status in this country and wish to do better. Recyling is not my forte unless we're talking fingernails. Let's find out how green we really are. I went to this website and was SHOCKED to learn that not only am I un-American and globally unwise in this regard, but I deserve to be smacked with a non-toxic noodle as well. I hate pain. I'd rather reform. Shall we?
The Green Meme
How green are you?
1. Do you recycle?   I don't have a bycycle
2. Have you ever hung clothes on a line instead of using the clothes dryer? And let the neighbours see my underwear and jim jams? Not likely!
3. Do you walk or bike to work to save energy? No, I like to use a gas guzzler. It saves MY energy!
4. Do you use a water filter for your tap water or do you buy bottled water? No, I just drink the tap water.
5. How many trees do you kill each year buying new books? I must be on my 28th forest this year!

6. Have you ever considered recycling your cellphone? Not while I'm talking bto someone.

7. All you need are a few simple non-toxic ingredients like baking soda, vinegar, lemon, and soap to clean your home. Are you willing to throw away the bottled chemicals?  No...I love chemicals! Do you want me to pour them into a clear lake?

Monday, 28 February 2011

The Queen's Meme #72 - Return To Sender Meme

Mimi of The Queen's Meme has sent this in....

Welcome to The Queen's Meme #72
I've been on a short hiatus due to illness but glad to be back! Now that I've returned, let's talk about returns. Why not? I'll bet you have a lot to say about that. I know I do!

1. When is the last time you returned a library book? I think the library have got the bloodhounds and search parties out now. Truthfully, I'm a good returner.

2. Is there anyone you'd like to see return to your life? My late mother, a former girlfriend. Sigh.

3. Have you finished your income tax return? Oh, I never do those. Am I supposed to?

4. Do you ever return things to the store for refund, credit or exchange? Have you had a bad experience with customer service over this issue? Tell us your story. Some stores are all smiles when they sell you something, but return with a problem, and it's like you have leprosy. PC World were a lot of trouble some years ago when we had a dispute with a salesman who claimed something but it wasn't true.

5. You would like to see your favorite movie named The Return of My Movie Ticket... most great movies cannot do a sequel, with the exception of The Godfather and Terminator

6 Is there something you're still waiting to be returned to you? A good job. I must have given it to someone!

7. You are in a canyon. On the other side stands your beloved. You stand and shout something to him/her making a large echo. What do you want to hear in return? I'd probably hear "How did you get yourself stuck in that canyon!"

8. If you could turn back and go in the reverse direction in your life, making things better for yourself and those you love, how would your journey begin? That's too big a question, as how can I reverse something that has already happened going backwards? It's hardly The Butterfly Effect.

Tuesday, 8 February 2011

The Queen's Meme #71 - The SuperBowl Meme

Mimi of The Queen's Meme has sent this in....

*I had this scheduled to post early this morning and Blogger once again reverted it to draft. Sorry. I wish they would fix that bug.**
Welcome to the Queen's Meme #71
It's a meme about sports!

(**1919 Green Bay Packers**)
Now that the Superbowl is over, I thought it would be fun to take a little football quiz. I already declare failure but that is beside the point. There are many things about football that endear me to the game. Men in tight pants come to mind, ballet moves, food and music. What could be better?

1. In football, the "ball" is not round. Does this concern you? It's a consideration that I ponder night and day...are you kidding?

2.Can you decipher just one of the sideline hand signals?  The players probably can't

3. What did you think of the halftime show?  I thought it was the reason people go? The football bit is just an extra bit no can understands.

4. I do not understand why it is so important to knock people down if the object of the game is to get back up and run with the ball. Wouldn't it be simpler to just toss it back and forth and see who could catch it first? I think the game was invented by school bullies.

5. What is a down? Ask a swan.

6. Besides the obvious testosterone flying around (ladies) and the cheerleaders in short skirts (gentlemen) what else about the game of football fascinates you? Errr....nothing.

7. If you could add a rule to the game, what would it be? No body armour, like our British rugby players. Also cheerleaders run on to the pitch when a side scores!

Tuesday, 1 February 2011

The Queen's Meme #70 - The Afterlife Meme

Mimi of The Queen's Meme has sent this in....

Welcome to The Queen's Meme #70
The AfterLife Meme
Put on your pondering hat today. Let's get serious, silly and philosophical all in the same meme.

1. Have you ever seen an angel? If not, do you believe in them? Well I did see someone with wings...he was collecting for a Christmas charity!

2. Tell us a real ghost story. Ever seen one? It was a dark and stormy night.....

3. Have you ever had a near-death experience? Yes, when the boss caught me on trhe internet.

4. It is midnight in Heaven. You have just arrived. You are told that you can choose any kind of "Heaven" you want. What would that be?  I know this joke...when he wonders what he gets they say "that was the brochure version."

5. You have come back to Earth as something or someone else. Describe that entity. A high court judge...I'd be filling the prisons!

6. It is your first morning in Hades. What fascinating aspect of the underworld will you visit first? Do I have a choice when I'm in shackles and an imp is whipping me to work harder over hot coals?

7. Scientists have just created a new pill that induces immediate immortality. You can live forever! What are you going to do with the rest of your life?   Watch reruns on the TV? Perhaps I'd want an antidote pill?

Monday, 24 January 2011

The Queen's Meme #69 The Board Game Meme

Mimi of The Queen's Meme has sent this in....

Welcome to The Queen's Meme #69
Are you bored? Well I'm about to perk you up with a few board game questions. Ever played Pick Up Stix? It's a blast. My brothers and I used to play every weekend at my aunt's house. Pretend you're 12, pop a big bowl of popcorn, stretch out on the carpet or set up the card table and let's play! Oh, BTW... These are my games and my rules. Just so ya know...

1. Twister

Who would you like to get your arms and legs tangled up with?  I can't say that, but it wouldn't be playing Twister...though it could be a good warm up!

2. Monopoly
You have just landed on Boardwalk and collected a nice sum in rent payments.
Which Monopoly token do you want to be when you grow up?  The car....if the gas prices aren't too hjigh

3. Candyland
This game is based on The Legend of The Lost Candy Castle. Did you know that? The object of the game is to reach the Candy Castle. But in my game, the object is to avoid the dungeon that is in the Candy Castle. You must swim through the Ice Cream Sea to be victorious.
What is your flavor?  Strawberry or lime...I'd probably empty the moat savouring it!

4. Operation
You are the surgeon. You have the tweezers in your hand. It is time to remove the most irritating person or thing in your life.
What is the name of this organ? Is my boss reading this?

5. Sorry!
I often say that success is the best revenge. Lucky for you!
Sorry! is a game of sweet revenge.
What is your strategy for success today? Play solitaire

6. Wheel of Fortune!
It's your spin. You have just landed on a surprise vacation package.
It's yours if you can name the destination with 3 vowels and 2 consonants. Aruba will do nicely!

7. Clue
Miss Scarlet (that's you) is in the Library with the knife. Who did she kill and why? Miss Rhett in the bedroom when she found out a secret!

Tuesday, 18 January 2011

The Queen's Meme #68 - The Basic Theory Meme 101

Mimi of The Queen's Meme has sent this in....

Welcome to The Queen's Meme #68.
It's called the Basic Music Theory Meme 101
It's simple! Answer the questions and/or identify the following very basic music symbols and tell us what you think they mean. You can answer correctly (don't peek in the dictionary!) or you can spoof 'em. I'm talking to you, Coopernicus. Can you snark something this academic?

1. What is the symbol above called?  Now let's get one thing settled. I know NOTHING about musical notation. It looks like a railway track to me.

2. Imagine you are playing saxophone and suddenly see the symbol above in your music score. What do you do?  Who knows? Play ten times louder?

3. And this ornate object is???  13? B? I'll pass on this.

4. Are these two rests equal or unequal in value? I've got a 50-50 chance of getting this right, so I'll say equal...or maybe unequal.

5. Name at least 2 things missing from the Treble and Bass clef show below that would be seen in an actual piece of music. Are you serious? I would hasve a better chance of learning Mandarin Chinese.

6. Why is the treble clef above always getting in trouble? What is wrong with it? It's a bad influence on the other notes. The music teachewr always gets it to sit on the naughty stool.

7. What is the name of this note? Jeff? Arthur, Melanie? How should I know?

8. What is the key signature in the piece of music below?  I don't think it's a modern rock song!

9. What is the last note on a piano keyboard? The one at the end.

Tuesday, 11 January 2011

The Queen's Meme #67 - The Strange January Meme

Mimi of The Queen's Meme has sent this in....

Welcome to the Queen's Meme #67.
It's called The Strange January Meme

There are some strange traditions associated with this month, many of those noted here are British customs, however, strange customs hail from every corner of the globe. Help me decipher the January mysteries of the Universe below. And I sincerely hope you remembered to bake a cake for the cow.

1. January usually has ample amounts of snowfall in parts of the world. Did you ever make snow cream as a kid?  All I ever did with snow when I was young was fall over in it.

2. January is the first month of the year in the Gregorian calendar. The name comes from the Latin word ianua meaning door and is named after the god of the doorway, Janus.
Is there a particular door you'd like to step through this year? What? I'd like to step throuigh a door that was open. Going through a closed one can be extremely hazardous.

3. January is one of the months with 31 days. What are you going to do with that extra day? Spend it all thinking of answers for Mimi's memes.

4. In medieval times superstition dictated that the 1st day of January was significant for prosperity, or lack of it, in a person's life. Farmers put a flat cake on the horns of a cow and they danced and sang songs around the cow until the cake was thrown to the ground. If it fell in front of the cow that meant good luck; it if fell behind the cow that meant bad luck for the rest of the year.
Do you have strange New Year customs in your household? Well we don't have a cow to dance around. The strange New Year custom I have is to get up without a hangover as I don't drink.

5. Did you know that it's unlucky to see the first new moon of the year through a window? You should, instead, look through a new silk handkerchief! Did you remember to do this? If I said this at the asylum, I'd be in the rubber room.

6. On January 14, 1986 motorists were required for the first time to wear seat belts?
Do you always buckle up? Why or why not? January 14th is my birthday! Anyway I NEVER wear seatbelts. It is illegal here in Britain not to. Don't tell anyone, please.

7. If you are single and want to find a mate, legend has it that on January 20th you should walk backwards up the stairs to bed. If you don't have a staircase you should recite The Lord's Prayer while transferring pins from a pin cushion to your sleeve.  If anyone does this, it's no surprise they can't find a mate!
I couldn't find a male ritual to attract women.
Make one up.     Here's a them a drink, then a car, then a diamond bracelet on the way to the poor house.

Monday, 3 January 2011

The Queen's Meme #66 - The 2011 Meme

Mimi of The Queen's Meme has sent this in....

Welcome to the Queen's Meme #66. We're all about ones today in the year of the ones. Do the math.

1. What were you doing at 1:11 am on 1/11/11?  Sleeping, like anyone in their right mind would be doing.

 2. Did you watch the New Year's Eve hoopla on television at midnight or did you make your own hoopla? Hoopla? I watched the fireworks on the TV around London. Why should anyone be watching a hoopla? They must have been short on entertainment.

3. I know this is a tired meme question and really should be retired, but can you tell us just ONE of your New Year's resolutions? Not to make a New Year's Resolution

4. What was the one greatest lesson you learned in 2010. Don't blink or the year will be gone. Plan ahead.

5. Can you recall a news story from 2010 that affected you greatly and/or personally? The Chilean miner rescue was the big story worldwide that had everyone watching.

6. If you could have just one thing in 2011, what would it be? Visiting all my e mail friends

7. Pick and age: 20 or 11. Which one was best for you and why? 20 might have been better than 11, but I'd rather have 11 so I can go through that important time and do things I should have done before.