Tuesday, 27 July 2010

The Queen's Meme #46 - The Song Lyrics Meme

Mimi of The Queen's Meme has sent this in....

Your job is to find a song that uses this word either in the title or lyrics. Give us the title or part of the lyric that fits and the artist. Then say a little something about the tune and why you chose it. Posting a YouTube video of the song would be great! (but not required)
Here we go.

1: Want...You're The One That I Want by John Travolta & Olivia Newton John....really catchy...a great film clip.

2:  Hell....Bat Out Of Hell by Meatloaf....the first one that came to mind, and I guess it will for many others as well.

3: Smack...Smackwater Jack by Carole King comes from my favourite album Tapestry. Excellent.

4: Ugly...The Good, The Bad & The Ugly by Hugo Montenegro....this instrumental is a classic theme.

5: Beast...Beast Of Burden by Bette Midler...I must admit I didn't know any 'beast' songs here!

6: Romeo...Romeo & Juliet/How Insensitive by William Shatner...When I saw who the singer was, I had to put this one in!

7: God...God Only Knows by The Beach Boys....a fabulous BB song.

Monday, 19 July 2010

The Queen's Meme #45 - The What Would You Do Meme

Mimi of The Queen's Meme has sent this in....

Welcome To The Queen's Meme #45
The What Would You Do? Meme

A mixed bag of miscellaneous scenarios

1. You start out on your road trip. You are 90 miles down the road with not a care in the world until you remember you forgot the most important ingredient needed for your vacation. What was it and would you turn around and go back to get it?  The gorgeous girl I was planning to take.

2. You are standing in the checkout line at the grocery store. A homeless man walks by and asks for food from your grocery cart. What would you do? Get him an empty grocery cart.

3. The mailman delivers the wrong mail. It is your neighbor's. You can't stand your neighbor. You realize that inside the small brown package there must be something very secretive, very intriguing and possibly incriminating. What do you do? Add some false looking stickytape to the package and give it to him so that he thinks I've been looking in it so that he'll look all guilty when he thinks I know what his secret is.

4. Photography Class 101. First exam. The slide show you are presenting is the wrong one. You accidentally left last weekend's party pics in the camera instead. The whole class is watching....me swinging from the lampshades. 

5. You find your boss's wife on Facebook. She is obviously carrying on with another man in blatant fashion and behind his back. What is the first thing that pops into your head when you see your boss the next day at work? Absolutely nothing if I'm the man who is carrying on with the boss's wife!

6. Your plane lands in the wrong vacation spot but you like this one better. It depends whether my luggage has arrived at the same place.

7. You walk out of the doctor's office. The news after your yearly checkup is very very good but the news for the person you'd been sitting beside and chatting with in the waiting room is very very bad. You see them in the elevator on the way out and they are in tears. You.....ask if he wants to sell that super car he has.

Monday, 5 July 2010

The Queen's Meme #44 - The Firsts Meme

Mimi of The Queen's Meme has sent this in....

Welcome to The Queens's Meme #43 ~
The Firsts Meme
(a totally random and useless meme about firsts)

1. When you looked at yourself in the mirror today, what was the first thing you thought? Is that me there? Maybe the mirror is plaing a trick on me?

2. Where did you go on the very first vacation of your life? I think it was Butlins...an awful British holiday camp. People organise escape committees when they are there.

3. Open the door of your refrigerator. What is the first thing you see? The light come on.

4. Tell us about your first kiss OR your last first date. Well I reached over to her, our faces looked at each other and slowly we kissed....

5. If you had wings to fly about the universe, where is the first place you'd land? An intergalactic rest stop

6. What is the first thing you do when you get in your car? Read the newspaper, or listen to an audiobook.

7. What is the first thing you ever said to your firstborn? Can't answer that one...no children

8. What is the last thing you heard about your first love? You'd laugh if I told you!

9. If you had created the world in seven days yourself, what would you have created on the First Day? The holiday.

10. What is the first song in your IPOD or song list? I know I'm archaic, but I don't have an iPod.

11. What is the first tangible thing you lost that you could never find again? My memory!

12. Who is your favorite First Lady of all time?  That's tricky. I guess Nancy Reagan.

13. Post a link to your first blog post.  http://jlpicard.blogspot.com/2005/04/waking-up.html    30th April 2005

14. When was the last time you needed FirstAid?   Most days I do! I'm always getting little nicks and cuts.

15. Can you explain what a first down is in football?  You're asking a British person about American football?   I haven't a clue!