Tuesday, 1 February 2011

The Queen's Meme #70 - The Afterlife Meme

Mimi of The Queen's Meme has sent this in....

Welcome to The Queen's Meme #70
The AfterLife Meme
Put on your pondering hat today. Let's get serious, silly and philosophical all in the same meme.

1. Have you ever seen an angel? If not, do you believe in them? Well I did see someone with wings...he was collecting for a Christmas charity!

2. Tell us a real ghost story. Ever seen one? It was a dark and stormy night.....

3. Have you ever had a near-death experience? Yes, when the boss caught me on trhe internet.

4. It is midnight in Heaven. You have just arrived. You are told that you can choose any kind of "Heaven" you want. What would that be?  I know this joke...when he wonders what he gets they say "that was the brochure version."

5. You have come back to Earth as something or someone else. Describe that entity. A high court judge...I'd be filling the prisons!

6. It is your first morning in Hades. What fascinating aspect of the underworld will you visit first? Do I have a choice when I'm in shackles and an imp is whipping me to work harder over hot coals?

7. Scientists have just created a new pill that induces immediate immortality. You can live forever! What are you going to do with the rest of your life?   Watch reruns on the TV? Perhaps I'd want an antidote pill?


Jamie said...

Reruns are no way to spend eternity. OTOH you might be the type who enjoys shackles and whipping.

Sue St Clair said...

All the best ghost stories start with a dark and stormy night..... :)

Anonymous said...

#5 - hark, a new Cardinal for the Spanish Inquisition!