Tuesday, 17 May 2011

The Queen's Meme #83 - The Weekend Meme

Mimi of The Queen's Meme has sent this in....

Welcome to The Queen's Meme!
7 Royal Questions on Tuesday

Let's talk weekend this week. They seem to go by waaaay too fast these days. I could use a longer break. Wouldn't it be wonderful if the entire world suddenly went to a 4-day work week? I'd vote for that candidate. Do you live for the weekend? Take a moment to answer my nosy meme questions.

1. What is your favorite weekend activity? I'm doing it right now. Any clues? No, that that, it's being on the computer.
2. How does the weather affect your weekend plans? Does it matter? If I'm in the house, and the roof doesn't leak, then not a lot.

3. When does your weekend start and when does it end? Does it HAVE to have a start and end? Let's keep it on all the time!

4. Can you recommend a good weekend getaway place? An FBI safe house?

5. Do you spend weekends alone or with other people?  Yes

6. What would your fantasy weekend look like?  Well it wouldn't end for one thing, and as for the ladies that wouldf be featured,...I'll leave it there!

7. Do you have any special weekend rituals? Staying in bed, listening to the rado, eating in bed...what could be better?

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Anonymous said...

#7 - combined with # 6????