Tuesday, 23 March 2010

The Queen's Meme #30 - The FaceTwit Meme - Tweet This!

Mimi of The Queen's Meme has sent this in....

Sometimes silly.
Sometimes serious.
Always fun!
Step out of the box.
Be creative.
Use your imagination.
No one's answers are quite like yours.

The Facebook Meme (aka The FaceTwit Meme)
It's a little longer than usual but I just couldn't stop in 140 words or less. Sorry.

1. Facebook has now surpassed Google in number of users and traffic.
How much time do you spend on Facebook? If not FB, do you use Twitter?

You should ask how many hours do I spend OFF Facebook! The answer is not a lot! I'm also a Twit as well.

2. What is Farmville? I do not understand why people are asking me for margarine.

This is a puzzler. Apparently people build up their farms. The good thing is that the government does not demand milk subsidies and things like that, and we do not have to do the icky things farmers do with hatchets.

3. Do you war in the Mafia Wars? I do not understand why people are asking me for cows.

This is my favourite FB application! I love playing Mafia Wars. Right now I'm about Level 136, and go by the name of Big Boy.

4. What is Cafe World? I do not understand why people are asking me for bullets!

I think people are getting their apps mixed up! Maybe they want the bullets as something in their dessert?

5. Are you being bombarded with these "See Who Has Been Looking At your Profile - See Who Your Peeps Are?" application request lately?
I don't understand why people are asking me for my photograph and that of my dogs.

Do I want to know who my Peeps are? I'd rather not know! What is a Peep? Answers please!

6. Which FB or Twitter applications, tags or gifts irritate you the most and why?

YoVille really annoys me! They give a few duff pieces of furniture etc, while all the good stuff they want you to pay for with real money. No way, Jose!

7. Every morning I am faced with the question at the top of my Facebook profile page, "What's On Your Mind?" Now Mr. Online Mailman wants to know the same thing. Does the whole world need to know what I'm thinking at every moment? I can't write that in a public place ya know. But if you had to answer that question honestly at 9:00 am each morning, what would you say?

Is FB a psychiatrist? With a question like that, should I be lying on a sofa and telling my life history? As long as FB don't start charging £100 an hour!

8. Do you know how you became friends and followers with everyone in your list on Facebook and Twitter?

One of the mysteries of life.

9. Have you ever been deceived online by someone you thought was someone else? How did you know?

Not yet, but how do I know who you are? You say you're Mimi, but this might well be Homer setting these questions.

10. Do you enjoy chatting via Yahoo Messenger or AOL the old-fashioned way? If so, who do you chat with most online?

No, I like to chat via e mail...more my speed!

11. Have you ever been contacted on Facebook or via email under false pretenses, for dubious purposes, or by meddling nosy people in general?

If I did, they would get dropped faster than a brick....or preferably WITH a brick!

12. Think about it. We are all flitting around making bird noises on the internet. What would the PETA people say?! Can you think of a more suitable animal mascot for Twitter? What kind of sound would we make?

A parrot or mynah bird seems ideal. It should squak "Here's another Twit!" when a request comes through.

13. What kind of new cool innovative application would you like to see on Facebook or Twitter? What would you call it?

Gullible App.....strictly for gullible people. They send me £50 and I tell them how to play the application.

14. Have you ever had to block someone from Facebook or Twitter?

I've blocked masses from Twitter. They are usually selling some product. They get shown the door pronto!

15. Do you allow your real life friends to communicate with you there or do you prefer to be incognito to the universe at large?

I've also got several at my office on Facebook, but they aren't involved with my blogging side.

16. Do you belong to any CAUSES on Facebook or Twitter? If so, what makes you passionate about them and why did you join?

I'm definately not the CAUSE type CAUSE I never get into them

17. Do you know what a Twibe is? An Arican group of people discovered by Elmer Fudd.

18. Have you ever rage twitted? Tell me!

I'm waiting to have a really good rant. You never know when it might be!

19. I find that more and more people are reading my blogs on Facebook and commenting there. Do you share your blog posts on Facebook? Do you find that it helps or hinders your blog traffic?

I ought to put my blogs on FB as well. The trouble is, I'm a major procrastinator.

20. Wanna be my friend on FB? I have nearly 800 now. At least I'd recognize you!

I'm already one of them, Mimi. You know who I am!

Don't you be foolin' me now. There's always the dreaded dungeon.
I wonder if there's an app for that. Hmmmm......


mielikki said...

'Big Boy', huh...
that would be an interesting thing to brag about
"I'm in Big Boy's family!"
nah, sounds kind of wrong...

Mimi Lenox said...

I will look out for Big Boy now.
I don't play Mafia Wars though. I'm a peace lovin' woman ya know.

We are friends, yes!

Jean-Luc Picard said...

'Big Boy' was the top gangster in the Edward G Robinson film 'Little Caesar'.

Mouse said...

Great answers JL, though it sounds like you may be a bit addicted to FB .... how about adding Scrabble to the repertoire!