Tuesday, 15 December 2009

The Queen's Meme #17 - The Ex Files

Mimi of The Queen's Meme has sent this in....

Welcome to The Queen's Tuesday Meme #17
Sometimes silly. Sometimes serious.
Always fun!
Step out of the box. Be creative.
Use your imagination.
No one's answers are quite like yours.

Once upon a time in a faraway Bloggiverse there lived a maiden named Queen Mimi Pencil Skirt. She slayed her own dragons, stoked her own fire and well.....wrote memes by the light of the Bloggingham moon. One day a kind blogger from England noticed her meme lovin' ways and royally crowned her Mimi Queen of Memes. As time passed in the peaceful kingdom of Bloggingham, her Royal Highness found comfort in the company of fellow bloggers who also loved memes. But the Queen had a wicked disposition too. It is widely reported in historical Blogosphere archives that any and all bloggers found guilty of not completing their memes were promptly thrown into the dreaded Bloggingham dungeon. If I were you, I'd do the meme.

This meme is called
The Ex Files

1. When is the last time someone did something EXtra-special for you?

When someone did all my work for me.....come to think of it, that's NEVER happened!

2. Name one EXciting thing that happens in your life daily.

My boss tells me that she is not going to fire me today.

3. Tell us the good, the bad and the uglies of your online EXperiences.

The good is the great people I would never otherwise meet, the bad are those that turn out to be excruitiating, and the uglies are those that want to guive me a false watch or lengthen part of my anatomy.

4. What makes an ordinary day EXtraordinary and EXceptional?

The fact that I can go to bed with a smile on my face

5. Name one embarrassing incident you had to EXplain to your mother when you were a child.

"It wasn't me, it was my imaginary friend."

6. If you could FedEX yourself anywhere in the world,
where would you go?

As it's dark and cold right now, the tropics here I come! I must say that being put in a parcel doesn't seem the right way to go about it. definately holes would be oput in plus a 'handle with care'.

7. Who would you like to EXray and why?

Err....I might get in trouble here....shall we keep that one to ourselves? We all have our favourites!

*NOTE: Currently in the dungeon....Mielikki, Jean-Luc, Jeff and Lady Hightower...are you next??! If I were you, I'd do the meme.


Finding Pam said...

jean-Luc Picard, those were fantastic answers! I like them all, but #3 has me curious? A false watch? and...well I am not going there.

Great job.

mielikki said...

Great answers
My Mom never went for the imaginary friend excuse. She had one of her own as a kid and was too wise to that noise...

Mouse said...

Great answers, though I am wondering precisely what caused the No5 answer :D ...... hope you get released from the dungeon soon!

Xmichra said...

what, you don't want to lengthen anything?? lol... I get those e-mails too, which i gotta say is rather disturbing :/

Nessa said...

I get creeped out when i get emails titled "Make her really moan the next time". I think to myself, "wow, these things must be MAGIC!! They could turn me into a lesbian!!". I avoid them at all costs.

Dawn (Twisted Sister) said...

Great answers!
When all else fails blame the imaginary friend :)

Jean-Luc Picard said...

Pam, perhaps I should have said fake watches? They abound in spam messages.

Mouse, it was the best answer I could think of. I never had an imaginary friend...unkless some of my friends now are imaginary!

Mimi Lenox said...

How's the dungeon these day, Jean-Luc? Just checking...just checking...