Tuesday, 26 January 2010

The Queen's Meme #22 ~ Come On Baby, Light My Fire!

Mimi of The Queen's Meme has sent this in....

Welcome to The Queen's Tuesday Meme #22

Sometimes silly. Sometimes serious.
Always fun!
Step out of the box. Be creative.
Use your imagination.
No one's answers are quite like yours.

Once upon a time in a faraway Bloggiverse there lived a maiden named Queen Mimi Pencil Skirt. She slayed her own dragons, stoked her own fire and well.....wrote memes by the light of the Bloggingham moon. One day a kind blogger from England noticed her meme lovin' ways and royally crowned her Mimi Queen of Memes. As time passed in the peaceful kingdom of Bloggingham, her Royal Highness found comfort in the company of fellow bloggers who also loved memes. But the Queen had a wicked disposition too. It is widely reported in historical Blogosphere archives that any and all bloggers found guilty of not completing their memes were promptly thrown into the dreaded Bloggingham dungeon. If I were you, I'd do the meme.

The Queen's Meme #22 ~ Come On Baby, Light My Fire!

Before you get carried away and let your mind wander down a trail of romantic and erotic intrigue, stop. We're not talking about that kind of fire. Not today anyway. We're talking about intellect, entertainment and adventure. I'd like you to take a look at the what makes you happy and brings you joy. Pretend you are talking to a new friend. Answer the questions as enthusiastically as you can and share with your friend what lights your fire. Recommend your favorites, what you're passionate about - and tell us why. If it's too hard to choose just one, narrow it down to the best of the best. Everyone who reads your answers will not only get a better sense of who you are but we might be inspired to check it out upon your expert recommendation. I like learning something new everyday. If you open the door of my imagination, I just might step through. Tell me!

1. Which historical figure do you admire the most? Why?

Oh, this is complicated, isn't it! There are about 16 billion in the best since cavemen were hanging around, and I'm supposed to pick one out of a (very) large hat. I guess everybody's going to say Abraham Lincoln, so I'd best think of someone else. Perhaps the ones to admire are those who advanced medical research, like Marie Curie, who discovered radium.

2. Name the band or artist you'd like to see live in concert before you leave the planet or tell us about a concert or album that has already rocked your world.

Leave the planet? Is there a starship leaving with my name on the seat? Many would have liked to have seen The Beatles during the short time they were together. I would REALLY like to see Enya in concert.  Last year, I saw the delightful Camille O'Sullivan in concert. I think Carole King's Tapestry is the best album of all.

3. What's your favorite television show or series of all time?
Why should I care?

Why should you indeed? Why ask then?? Still, now that we are here, let's not disappoint those curious to know. It's tough choosing just one, but Lost is the best of the best. When I was young, it was Thunderbirds and Timeslip.

4:. Movies! I am so behind on the movie scene. What should I watch this weekend? Should I watch it alone or with someone?

Behind on the movies? Just to let you know that talkies have been invented!  I'm looking forward to going to the cinema to see The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, The Lovely Bones and Legion. For the record, though, my all time favourite film is The Hours

5. You are hopping on a plane tomorrow morning. Where did you choose to go and why?

I've probably done this in a rush and forgotten my passport, in which case I'll end up being detained at Customs for a friendly chat and search. In the event I remember my passport, it would either be off to Florida to see friends or to the beaches of Rio de Janiero, where there is sand, sun and beauties....did I mention beauties?

6. Who is your favorite author? What about their writing inspires you or simply entertains you? Recommend at least one book that you feel I must read.

Now that I don't read Janet & John or The Little Engine That Could, I read different fare. Philippa Gregory is always a favourite author. I'm currently into the Steig Larsson trilogy written in Sweden. The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo is very unusual. The autobiography Will There Really Be A Morning by Frances Farmer is very hard to read, but tells what happened in Hollywood in the 1940's to one star who wouldn't go with the system. Brilliant.

7. Hobbies and passions. What brings you joy in your spare time? How did you get into it?

Ask a silly question! It's doing this, being on the computer and kicking my foot through the screen when something doesn't work. I got into it because the world was.


mielikki said...

If you are going to see The Lovely Bones because you liked the book, do yourself a favor. Don't do it. I was disappointed.
Love Phillipa Gregory, too, and, being Madame Curie would be very interesting..
great answers

Jamie said...

Just in case you hadn't heard Carole King and James Taylor are touring this year in the Troubador Concert

Xmichra said...

Phillipa Gregory rocks!! I love her books!! Although I haven't made it to her other series (meridan or something??) the queen books are totally enveloping!

and nice pick with Marie Curie,one of the most famous alchimests and occult revered women in history. *tips hat*